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InBody Anatomy

InBody Anatomy is a three-dimension handbook of anatomical charts of normal and pathological human body. The solution is an interactive educational service, which can be used for training in a wide range of natural sciences, such as anatomy, pathoanatomy, surgery, physiology, ophthalmology etc. The handbook of anatomical charts can be used at all the stages of educational process.

InBody Anatomy has 4 modes to help optimize the educational process:

  • “View” allowing to work interactively with 3D models:
    • view them from any angle, zoom in/out
    • view them one-by-one, by groups or by systems
    • switch to the “X-ray” mode to study the syntopy, i.e. the position of an organ relative to other organs
    • obtain text data: names of anatomic objects in Latin and the selected interface language, text description (e.g. sets of lectures etc.), corresponding photo, video and audio content
    • measure anatomic objects with a “Ruler” feature
    • study lobar and segmental structure of main organs
    • study intraorganic structure of organs: innervation of organs, blood circulation,  lymph efflux, bile outflow tracts
  • “Comparison” allowing to compare anatomic objects:
    • study the peculiarities of paired organs structure
    • compare normal organs with those affected by pathological conditions (e.g. liver metastases and cirrhosis)
    • obtain additional data: text description, photo, audio and video content
  • “Diagnostics” designed to work with diagnostic materials:
    • view the data of CT imaging and MRI in three views (sagittal, frontal, transverse) with slice thickness 0.5 mm
    • view ultrasonography data for the main organs of a human body
    •  obtain additional text, photo, audio and video content
  • “Test” allowing to automate the process of testing the knowledge obtained:
    • create various tests and assign them to particular groups or individual students
    • associate a question with a 3D model, e.g. when the correct choice of an anatomic objects is the answer
    • pass tests and get marks automatically as a quantitative ratio, a proportion, or a mark in a 5 or 100 grade scale
    • obtain statistic data on test results
    • export test data and results

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