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WZ Cloud

Being an expert in cloud technologies, WebZavod offers the solution WZ cloud (Cloud self-service portal), which is in essence an IaaS realization allowing to rent virtual servers and infrastructure components out to individuals and various companies.

WZ Cloud provides the following services:

  • Creating, launching, reloading, stopping and deleting (removing) virtual servers. Changing of physical parameters of servers;
  • Tariffing of provided services and monitoring the users financial status in billing of the service provider (for telecom providers);
  • Possibility to access the created servers via VPN;
  • Monitoring of virtual servers load and notifications of customers;
  • Managing additional services;
  • Software rent.

Version 2.0-2011 is based on the platforms:

  1. High Availability cluster on the basis of Windows Server 2008 R2 Datacenter together with virtualization system Microsoft Hyper-V;
  2. High Availability cluster on the basis of VMWare vSphere together with virtualization technology ESXi.

The cluster is administered by System Center Virtual Machine Manager. The basic backup solution Microsoft Data Protection Manager was enhanced with the own model for management of backup copies and their lifecycle Webzavod Backup Manager.

Interaction of managing platform with the platform of virtualization and backup is ensured through PowerShell scripts activated immediately in the service without initiating particular processes which provides high response speed.

Solution advantages:

  • Automation of the majority of cloud services administration processes;
  • Possibility of independent preparation of a list of additional services with billing customization;
  • User-friendly interface;
  • Isolating of addressing space for each user;
  • Organization of access to virtual infrastructure through VPN-connection;
  • Possibility to obtain a white IP address.

Solution architecture

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