"This year's award winners were among some of the best and brightest our partner ecosystem has to offer, so it came as no surprise that Webzavod was included in that group as this year's WINNER of the 2014 Microsoft Collaboration and Content award. We congratulate Webzavod on this amazing achievement and its continued dedication to providing innovative solutions that drive results for our mutual customers."

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WZ Single sign-on

WebZavod solution «Single sign-on» allows to connect efficiently the isolated portals into an integrated manageable structure and to avoid expenditures for creation of a fundamentally new integrated informational resource.

The customer gets:

  • Centralized presentation of information and services.
  • Single technological solution for an inquiry system.
  • General user interface for access to services, informational and technological resources.
  • Differentiated access to the inquiry system: “external” access for the users and “internal” access with authorization, system of differentiated access to data, system of recording and regulation of access to information – for the staff.
  • Unification and increased security of users’ data storage systems.

Users are authorized at the portal by login and password or by electronic digital signature. The solution allows to register the incoming inquiries, to proxy the users’ inquiries and to cash the static resources.

User scenarios

Authorized user:

  • is provided with automatic login to the proxied systems (through get/post authorization or electronic digital signature);
  • for the systems that do no support direct user identification the portal gives user the possibility of secondary identification within the system itself;
  • the electronic digital signature certificate can be transferred to the proxied systems

Non-authorized user:

  • can register in the system;
  • can switch between the proxied systems;
  • can perform direct identification in the proxied systems (if the system is shown to the user with guest privileges);
  • can obtain the open information (free access information)

Solution scheme

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